Microsoft Office 365

We are proud to be a Microsoft indirect reseller partner, and in English this means we are able to work with you and your staff.

From the install of the Microsoft Office 365 software suit, including Outlook, Word, Excel and others; to the managing of user and email accounts; and organising licencing requirements.

You might use the One Drive storage as your personal file storage location or SharePoint as your business storage site and give your staff access to the files they need from the cloud based storage location.

It is also possible to share nominated files and folders with outside businesses or contractors if needed.

SharePoint is a very inexpensive way to get a lot of cloud based storage, and it has some of the functionality of digital asset management system or web portals with a much higher cost.

If you want to find out more, or get in to Microsoft Office 365, send us an email or call 0459771010