Our main focus is to support small to medium businesses with their current IT infrastructure.

We are also happy to design, supply, or improve IT equipment or processes if ask for.

We also provide IT support for home users and remote support for southern IT companies.

Software and Systems

3CX Phone System

A 3CX phone system is very versatile and Cowie IT Support are able to configure the phone system to match many of your business needs.

One of the key features of the system is that your employees mobile phones are able to be used as part of the office with individual extensions.

This is called a soft phone and there is an iPhone and Android application available.

This not only saves you money by not having to invest in office phones, mobile phones or plans, but also give you the ability to switch off the extension without requiring access to the mobile.

The 3CX system can also save you money with phones calls, because you can get a plan to suit your needs and change it as your business need change.

One of the Australian Telco providers w have used, who can provide phone services for your 3CX phone system are Breeze Connect, and you can check there current pricing structure here.

Microsoft Office 365