SEO or Paid Advertising

To my knowledge there are two main types of ways your website/business can be discovered online.


SEO is an IT term used with the Organic search process and this is where you build your website in such a way that a search for your key search words and terms allows for your site and business to be discovered.
This can be though of as a bill board on the side of the road, you can spend money getting the big one, add lights, and even get the local council to direct traffic passed your bill board in the hope that a potential customer like what they see.

You can also think of this as more of a long term project, with the tools and processes changing as internet searching changes, which to my knowledge is mostly driven by Google Search.

Paid Advertising

The other way is to pay for advertising which is more of a direct approach, can be easier to understand, and easier to demonstrate a track record of success.

This has more of a short term effect, but can be directed to your potential customer base.


If you do want to invest time and money in to the Organic SEO search process, my advice is to start by:

  • First getting or building a report on how your website is currently rating with the online search systems,
  • Check key words and terms used in your industry, which your potential customers might use to find you business, and
  • Check the competition’s key words and ratings against yours, in order to build a best plan of attack to move your site above theirs in a customer search.

Remember this is an ongoing process and once you reach the magic first place on the first page position, it still does not stop because your competition could trying to do the same.

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